Love, Play, Grow




BA in Communications
Baruch College 2012


Usui Reiki Master Certification 2018


Play Life and Wellness Coaching Education

Coachville 2018

Non Denominational Ordained Minister

Universal Life Church 2021 



NYS Licensed and Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage
1000hr FLSM 2015


Certified in Therapeutic Thai Massage
50hr Kula Collective 2020


Vermont Registered Bodyworker 2021


Certified and Registered Yoga Teacher

200hr Kula Collective 2017


Certified Restorative Yoga Teacher

20hr Sangha Studio 2020


Words from Melissa Mae:

I believe we all have inside of us the ability to confront fear, empower our spirits and find the healing powers of play. My personal journey has been realizing this ability in myself and continually relearning the lessons along the way. My heart’s journey is to share this gift and experience with others while supporting and encouraging personal empowerment to those who seek it. When the spirit is connecting the pack the universe opens up and life becomes an entirely new and more enjoyable experience. 


Wellness Bio:

Growing up in a world that seems designed to keep you down can feel insurmountable. Long before my journey to inner peace and self-empowerment there stood a terrified girl among the darkness of challenging relationships, unmeetable societal expectations, shadowed thoughts, and a  fearful heart. My true journey did not start until a health scare the year after I graduated college. Extreme stress and severe anxiety had begun to effect my physical body in ways I simply could not ignore any longer.  It was at this moment I decided to live my life with me in mind. A change was
needed to recreate balance in my life, not only in diet and exercise but also in perspective and mental approach. I had always wanted to be a massage therapist ever since my first massage. I had scoliosis and anxiety as a young girl and the difference I felt after a massage was a blessing, a blessing I wanted to share. In 2013, I attended Finger Lakes School of Massage in NY and became a Licensed and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist. This decision propelled my life in a way I never thought imaginable and my perspective begin to change. After a few years studying and practicing medical and therapeutic massage I decided to face a few more fears. I’d become fascinated by the connection of our mind, bodies, and spirit. I took my first trip out of the country alone and spent a month in Guatemala at the Yoga Forest. By diving deeper into myself through the process of becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher with Kula Collective, I experienced the liberation in claiming responsibility for oneself as well as deep exploration and play. In the Autumn of 2017, I relocated to Addison County, Vermont. Here, along with integrating into a fun and totally new lifestyle, I  completed my training for Reiki Master Degree and began incorporating Coaching into my wellness offerings. With Love Play Grow Wellness hitting it's 5 year mark in 2020, I continue to explore new ways to learn, play, and share- traveling from Burlington Vermont to San Marcos Guatemala for continuing education programs that keep our offerings fresh and unique. 

Whether it has been in my personal, professional, or interpersonal life each step has been terrifying and liberating and completely attainable. I find with each fear faced I face each day with more ease and authenticity.

Every choice we make towards loving and healing ourselves is a huge step on our own personal journey.  Coaching, Massage, Reiki, Yoga, and Meditation are a few of the tools we offer here at

Love, Play, Grow to aid you in taking these steps in an environment that is enriching, supportive, and playful.

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